Darweesh, Suzanne

Member of Women For: Orange County





An oral history with Suzanne Darweesh, collected for the Women, Politics and Activism Since Suffrage Project at California State University, Fullerton, and for Dr. Natalie Fousekis’ History 493A course. The purpose of this interview is to gather information about Darweesh’s experience as a woman activist. Specifically, this interview covers her youth in Ithaca, New York; her experiences in college and at Union Seminary in New York City; her time in Northern California with the Interfaith Committee to Aid Farmworkers, including her training with organizer Fred Ross; her time spent serving in France and Algeria; teaching in Iraq after she married; her husband’s Kurdish experience; her experience living in Iraq, including a brief imprisonment, and her family’s escape to the United States; her involvement in local Orange County activism, including Amnesty International, the United Nations Association, the League of Women Voters, Women For:, Women of Wisdom at the California Institute for Women, Get on the Bus, and the Orange County Interfaith Committee to Aid Farmworkers; her motivation in activism; why she considers herself a feminist; the role of her Christian faith; and finally, women’s roles in activism.


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