Lopez, Tanya

Director of Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, Santa Ana





An oral history with Tayna Lopez, Director of Hermandad Mexicana Nacional branch in Santa Ana, an organization that fights, defends, and advocates for immigrants and their families, in Santa Ana. This interview was conducted for Natalie Fousekis’ History 492A, Community History, course. The purpose of this interview was to learn more about her role as an organizer for immigration rights and reform for Hermandad. She speaks about growing up with parents that were extremely politically and socially active. Her parents shaped and influenced her as a person and choosing a career. She talks about moving to Puerto Rico during high school and spending a year in school while her mother cared for her grandmother. She talks about her role as a leader to assist undocumented immigrations apply for citizenship and more recently assisting Dream Act students. She remembers going to the meetings and apartments as a child when the Rent Strike occurred in Santa Ana in 1985. She is a product of the second generation of activism and seeks to educate the public about their rights.


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