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Activism × 3
Advice on getting involved 2
African American 2
Childhood Experiences 3
Family 3
Feminism × 3
Ideology 3
Parents 3
Role Models × 3
Work 3


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Los Angeles, CA × 3


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OH 5464 1
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Durazo, Maria Elena

Field Value
Name Durazo, Maria Elena
Occupation American trade union official; Los Angeles County Federation of Labor; AFL-CIO; Candidate for California State Assembly, 24th District
OH IDOH 5981
OH 5981

Navarro, Lillibeth

Field Value
Name Navarro, Lillibeth
Occupation Executive Director and Founder of Communities Actively Living Independent & Free
OH IDOH 5464

Walters, Rita

Field Value
Name Walters, Rita
Occupation First African American woman on LA City Council; LA School Board
OH IDOH 5965
OH 5965