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Facet text Count
Activism × 2
Children 2
Education 2
Family 2
Gender and Sexuality 2
Higher Education × 2
Marriage 2
Parents 2
Role Models 2
Student Activism × 2


Facet text Count
Virgill, Scherly × 2


Facet text Count
OH 5770 1
OH 5954 1

Destito, Constance

Field Value
Name Destito, Constance
Occupation Co-founder of the East Los Angeles Rape Hotline and the East Los Angeles Women's Center
OH IDOH 5954

Magaña Burgos, Dora Olivia

Field Value
Name Magaña Burgos, Dora Olivia
Occupation Co-founder of Clínica Msr. Oscar Romero; Founder of El Centro Cultural Centro Americano
OH IDOH 5770