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Facet text Count
Childhood Experiences × 4
Colleges × 4
Community Organizations × 4
Education 3
Elected Officials 4
Elections 4
Family 4
Higher Education 3
League of Women Voters (LWV) 3
children of immigrants or refugees 3


Facet text Count
Fullerton, CA × 4


Facet text Count
OH 5455 1
OH 5850 1
OH 5891 1
OH 5970 1

Bockian, Edith

Field Value
Name Bockian, Edith
Occupation Longtime member of the League of Women Voters and two-time president (1983-85 and 1990) of the North Orange County chapter
OH IDOH 5850

Broome, Monika

Field Value
Name Broome, Monika
Occupation Member of Democrats of North Orange County (DNOC); Former teacher
OH IDOH 5455

Quirk-Silva, Sharon

Field Value
Name Quirk-Silva, Sharon
Occupation CA Assemblymember; Former City Council member and Mayor of the Fullerton City Council; Teacher
OH IDOH 5970

Tsuda, Sue

Field Value
Name Tsuda, Sue
Occupation Former Fullerton Councilwoman; Fullerton’s School Board member; Active member of the League of Women Voters
OH IDOH 5891