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Elizabeth Muñoz
Elizabeth Muñoz -

If you would like a career with a mission - if you want to feel that your work connects to human and global problems - you may want to pursue a career in public service. No matter what your major, you can find many opportunities to build your career in one of the many public service industries: Education, Health and Non-Profit. The Career Center has programs and services to help you with research, planning and networking in public service careers.

For an excellent overview of the many pathways open to you, consult the following books in our library: Jobs & Careers with Nonprofit Organizations, Non-profits & Education Job Finder, The Complete Guide to Public Employment, From Making a Profit to Making a difference: How to Launch Your New Career in Nonprofits.

You may wish to make an appointment with one of our Industry Specialists to discuss your research and consult about your decisions. You can access career information on the Internet as well. Some of our favorite links are listed here to get you started.