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Career Opportunities in Government

Career opportunities in government have never been better but navigating the application process takes some fore-thought. The resources outlined here will help you begin the process of deciding what type of government position may be best for you. Start by first considering the type of government job you are interested in… federal, state, county or city?


No employer offers more opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives of others than our federal government. In fact, the federal government is the nation’s single largest employer. With 31% of federal employees eligible for retirement by 2017, there are many OPPORTUNITIES for students!


The first step in getting a state job is to take a state exam for the classification in which you are interested. Exams are required to determine your eligibility for job opportunities. Once you complete the exam, you will receive your Notice of Test Results. All persons who pass the test (generally those who achieve an overall score of 70% or more) will be placed on the eligibility list for the classification. To be eligible for consideration for a state job, you must be in the highest 3 ranks (by score) on the employment list. Once you are considered eligible, you can begin applying to job vacancies.

The application process will vary between states. For more detailed information about working for the State of California click here. For a listing of all states and websites click here.


42% of states and 35% of the largest cities in the US use exams as well. Not all exams are offered every year so you want to be aware of when exams are offered for the fields you are interested in. Once you are on the approved list you will be ranked by score, often only the top three candidates are seen by the hiring manager. Yes, these are competitive positions but public service offers work/life balance and an opportunity to serve your community every day.

Best Resources for State and Local jobs

CSUF students and alums (within one year of graduation) can call 657-278-3121 for a Career Center appointment; we look forward to helping you with your public service job search!