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Disabled Person (DP) Parking
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Do I have to pay for Disabled Person parking?
Everyone pays for parking on the CSU campus.  Depending on your schedule, you may purchase a semester or day permit.  The semester permit or daily permit’s proof of payment must be displayed on your vehicle windshield.

How do I get temporary DP parking?
Go to Disability Support Services, UH-101, to complete a temporary DP parking request form.  We will be able to give you parking for up to two weeks.  After completing the request form, we will fax the form to Parking and Transportation, T-1400.  Your temporary permit will be available for pick up at Parking and Transportation after 30 minutes.  If you need a DP parking permit for a longer period, you will need to contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles office to obtain a DP placard.

How do I get permanent DP parking?
You may visit our office to obtain a DMV form to request for a permanent DP placard.  This form must be taken to your physician prior to being filed with the DMV.  As with other DMV forms, AAA offices may file this form for members.  When using the permanent DP parking placard on campus, you must display your placard on your windshield along with a valid campus parking permit.

Where may I park on campus?
Students with disabilities who have been issued a DMV Disabled Person (DP) placard may park in any designated DP space and MUST display both the DMV DP placard/plates AND a valid CSUF Student Parking Permit when parking on campus.  If these spaces are full, students may park in any Faculty/Staff space.  If these are also full, students may park in a 30 Minute Visitor space.  BOTH the DMV DP placard/plates AND a valid CSUF Student Parking Permit MUST be displayed when parked on campus.


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