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Faculty will:

1. Cooperate with DSS in providing prescribed accommodations and/or support services for the student in a fair and timely manner.

2. Be responsible for providing timely access to course materials for students with disabilities, particularly those with print disabilities who need printed information in alternative formats. Since the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights has articulated "timely" to mean at the same time as all other students receive the information, faculty must allow sufficient time (one to two weeks) for print materials to be translated into alternative formats (i.e., Braille, audio tape, large print, E-text).

3. Review the Accommodation Letter upon presentation by a registered student with a disability.

4. Review, complete and sign the Test Information form so that the student can return the form to DSS in a timely manner.

5. Provide a copy of examination materials one week in advance in situations in which alternative formatted materials are requested as a reasonable accommodation. This requirement will allow sufficient time to convert the exam materials into the necessary non-print format (i.e., Braille, audio tape, large print, or E-text).

6. Consult with DSS if there is any question regarding how to implement the prescribed accommodations.

7. Provide a classroom atmosphere that is harassment-free in nature and nondiscriminatory for students with disabilities.


"Students with disabilities, registered and documented with the Office of Disability Support Services, shall be allowed the use of audio recorders upon presentation of a Disability Support Services accommodation letter to the instructor. The instructor may also require an Audio Recording Lecture Agreement form, available from the Office of Disability Support Services, be signed by the student before allowing recording." -- Revised UPS 330.2308

Faculty are encouraged to make an announcement at the beginning of each semester encouraging students with disabilities who need support services to identify themselves to the instructor. It is suggested that faculty provide time during office hours or in a private setting to protect student confidentiality.

Questions regarding a student’s disability-related accommodations should be addressed in a private setting which protects confidentiality, or directed to a professional staff member at DSS.

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