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1. Students will identify themselves in the Office of Disability Support Services and provide professional verification of their disability. A professionally verified disability is a condition:

  • certified by a licensed physician, psychologist, audiologist, speech pathologist, registered nurse, social worker, rehabilitation counselor, physical therapist, corrective therapist, learning disability specialist, or other appropriate professional.

2. Students with prior diagnosis of a learning disability will provide testing and evaluation results to the DSS office.

3. The student will consult with a disability counselor to determine specific academic accommodations necessary while enrolled in courses and/or while completing testing requirements at CSUF.

4. Students will complete the DSS Support Service Request forms (see appendix) and meet with their counselor at the start of each semester to review course requirements and obtain accommodation letters for their professors.

5. Students will meet with their individual instructors to discuss disability-related needs and accommodations and submit an Accommodation Letter.

6. The student will present a list of academic adjustments, as prescribed by DSS, to the faculty member(s) in whose class(es) these accommodations or support services will be necessary.

7. The student will inform DSS, in a timely manner, of test dates and times for which prescribed accommodations are necessary. DSS will then assure that approved accommodations are made available.

8. The student will abide by departmental, school and university policies and academic regulations, as do all students.

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