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Differences Between Secondary Education & Post Secondary Higher Education/College
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Laws Governing

Bullet IDEA
Bullet Rehabilitation Act 1973: Section 504
Bullet Americans with Disabilities Act 1990

Laws Governing

Bullet California Education Code: Title 5 (Privilege, not a right)
Bullet Rehabilitation Act 1973: Section 504
Bullet Americans with Disabilities Act 1990

Bullet District identifies disability.

Bullet Student responsible to provide appropriate documentation that establishes:
   1. Current verification of disability
   2. Functional limitation requiring    adjustment/accommodation.

Bullet Free evaluation Bullet Student's financial responsibility
Bullet District designs Educational Plan. BulletStudent identifies own needs.
Bullet District ensures that the I.E.P. is implemented and goals are met. Bullet Student is responsible for own goals and progress.
Bullet Teacher advocates for student. Bullet Student advocates for self.

Bullet Fundamental alterations are allowed to the:
   1. Program of study
   2. Graduation requirements
   3. Instructional methods.

BulletAccommodations may NOT alter fundamental nature of degree, applicable courses or degree requirements or instructional methods.
Bullet Personal services provided Bullet None-Student's responsibility
Bullet Success (more of a right) Bullet NO GUARANTEE
Bullet Transportation to and from school Bullet No transportation provided-student's responsibility
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