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There are many steps a student will go through in selecting a college/university. In addition to the traditional steps in selecting a college/university, a student with a disability must also consider disability-specific issues. However, the decision to attend a college or university should not be based solely on disability issues. A student also needs to consider academic goals and career goals. So what are some of your decisions?

General Decisions

1. My career goal is:

2. To achieve my career goal, I will major in:

3. Based on my career goal, I should attend (circle one):
   - A community college
   - A college or university

4. My dream experience will include (circle all that apply):
   - A school close to home
   - A school away from home
   - Live at home
   - Live on campus
   - A religious affiliated campus
   - Co-ed
   - Not co-ed
   - Large school
   - Small school

5. The following extracurricular activity(ies) are important to me:
   - Sports (What type?)
   - Student government
   - Student newspaper/yearbook
   - Cheerleading/pompon
   - Work-study
   - Sororities/fraternities
   - Music program (what type?)
   - Clubs (what type?)
   - Other ___________________

6. Factors relating to admissions requirements:
   - My ACT/SAT score is:
   - My High School rank is:
   - My reading skills are at______grade level
   - My writing skills are at______grade level
   - My math skills are at______grade level

7. I will need remedial/developmental courses in:
   - Math
   - Reading
   - Writing
   - Study skills

8. I will need the following student services:
   - Help in finding a part-time job
   - Counseling
   - Financial aid
   - Tutoring
   - Disability accommodations
   - Other

Disability Related Decisions

I was in all special classes in high school.

I was in special classes in high school but attended regular classes in the following subjects:

I received individual tutoring in high school and probably will need individual tutoring in college in the following subjects:

I am not sure that my career goal is realistic. I need help from someone who has knowledge of careers and disability related job accommodations.

I need to find a college/university that helps me learn how to take care of my personal and financial needs.

I will need help in college and I am not ready to advocate for myself.

I need a college/university that has a history of accommodating students with the same disability as mine.

I need to contact the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.

I will need the following accommodations at college:

Additional tips to help you be successful

1. Start the selection process early.

2. Make contact with Disability Support Services as soon as you select a college/university (or contact them while you are still choosing a college/university). THE COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY IS REQUIRED BY LAW TO PROVIDE REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS FOR YOU IN THE CLASSROOM IF YOU REQUEST THEM AND IF YOU PROVIDE APPROPRIATE DOCUMENTATION THAT SUPPORTS THE ACCOMMODATIONS (For more information on this topic see the section on "What Diagnostic Information Will I need?").

3. Contact Disability Support Services as soon as you know what school you will be attending, as some accommodations take time to provide such as interpreters or textbooks on tape.

4. Base your final decision on the best overall school for you, not on one sole factor.

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Smedley, L.J. (No Date). Success After High School: Tips for Parents, Tips for Students.

Courtesy of Missouri AHEAD

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