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Bullet Help student realistically examine whether postsecondary education is a suitable option.

Bullet Begin the process of exploring and choosing postsecondary options with a comprehensive educational and vocational assessment of student's abilities and limitations.

Bullet Assist student in completing the activities listed in "What Students Can Do to Prepare for Postsecondary Education." (See previous section.)

Bullet Promote development of student responsibility and control by increasing opportunities for students to advocate for self.

Bullet Teach decision-making skills.

Bullet Foster student independence through increased responsibility and opportunity for self-management.

Bullet Determine financial requirements and ensure that financial aid deadlines are met.

Bullet Collect packet of materials to document student's secondary school program and to facilitate service delivery in the postsecondary setting. This packet should include a copy of most recent IEP and evaluation, that is no more than 3 years old, and all other testing evaluations.

Bullet Help student select and apply to postsecondary institutions that will offer both the curriculum and the necessary level of disability related support services.

Bullet Assist student in selecting appropriate on or off-campus housing, if planning to live away from home. A small residence hall may be more conducive to studying and developing friendships than a large residence hall or apartment.

Bullet Encourage student to ask questions, register with the Disability Support Services (DSS) Office and meet with the advisor early to plan class schedule and to arrange for accommodations.

Bullet Provide as much support as needed for student during the adjustment phase.

Bullet Communicate confidence in student's ability to be successful in postsecondary setting.

Bullet Encourage student to develop maximum independence in learning, study, and living skills critical to success in postsecondary settings.

Bullet Assist student in linking up with support services such as Department of Rehabilitation, Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic, etc.

Bullet Help student be proactive in developing a support network and seeking help and guidance when needed. Caution student to resist becoming overly dependent on support systems.

Bullet Prepare student to meet the variety of challenges at the postsecondary level such as: less teacher contact and time in class; more time studying independently; few tests covering a broader base of knowledge, making it more difficult for student and teacher to monitor progress; increased freedom, requiring self-discipline and self-management (e.g., going to class, completing assignments, scheduling time); adjustment to new social expectations and a different personal support network (Shaw, Brinckerhoff, Kistler, 7 McGuire, 1991).


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Adapted from Missouri AHEAD

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