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Directions: Select a chapter from one of your own textbooks. Choose a chapter that has been assigned by one of your instructors or one that has a good chance of being assigned soon. Read the chapter using the SQ4R reading-study system. Use the following SQ4A worksheet to get started.

S-Survey Read the title of the chapter, the introduction, each boldface heading, the summary, and look at any pictures or graphs included.

1. What is the chapter about?

2. What major topics are included?

What questions, if any, has the author provided?

Q-Question Turn the first heading into a question.

R-Read Read the material following the first heading, looking for the answer to your question.

R-Recite Reread the heading and recall the question you asked.

R-'Rite' Briefly answer this question in your own words without looking at the section. Check to see if you are correct.

Continue using the question, read, recite and write steps until you have finished each part in the chapter. Then complete the review step.

R-Review Look over the total chapter by rereading the headings. Try to answer the question you made from each heading.

Answer to Question 1:

Answer to Question 2:

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