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 California State University, Fullerton

ECS Technology Breakfast

"The Fate of Aerospace" by Gerald Blackburn, President of the Aerospace Legacy Foundation

February 9th, 2012 at 7:30AM

What lies ahead in this second century in the Aerospace Industry?  Interplanetary colonization? Commercial space travel? Who are the “new pioneers”? How will globalization impact Aerospace?  Jerry Blackburn, 40 year veteran of the Aerospace Industry and the manned space program, will explore these issues and assess what may be in store for the future of the Aerospace Industry and its businesses.  Mr. Blackburn was a Project Manager with the Boeing Space and Communications Corporation. He was responsible for directing the Advanced Standards and Practices efforts in the Systems Safety and Product Assurance Department at the Huntington Beach Facility. Mr. Blackburn has been in the Aerospace Industry for 40 years and retired in 2003. His career has spanned the entire manned space program from the X-15 at North American Aviation to the Apollo, Saturn SII, Space Shuttle and International Space Station Programs.

Gerald (Jerry) Blackburn is President of the Aerospace Legacy Foundation in Downey, CA. He is a member of the advisory Board of Directors for the City of Downey Columbia Memorial Space Sciences Learning Center.

He is an educator as well as a business leader. His proactive leadership in business and education partnerships is widely known. Gerald has taught at CSULA, USC and developed several workshops for the Rockwell (Boeing) Explore Engineering and TEAM Science Programs. He has been an active member of several business and education advisory boards and serves on the California State Department of Education Advisory Committee for Career Technology Education.

Mr. Blackburn has an MBA from Pepperdine University and is a native Californian.  He enjoys spending time with his six grandchildren and traveling with his wife Kathy.