Women in Computer Science and Engineering 

Women in Computer Science and Engineering -WiCSE - at California State University Fullerton is a program  to help freshmen and new transfer students succeed in pursuing their engineering and computer science degrees. 

We offer events to connect with industry professionals both at CSUF and site visits to local companies. 

The program also aims to increase student success with academic support such as tutoring, and strengthens community among all STEM students. 

Our main page is located on Titanium Communities: Women in Computer Science and Engineering. Announcements will also be available on our social media. You can also learn more by visiting the WiCSE faculty coodinator, Beth Harnick-Shapiro, on most Fridays from 12:00pm-2:30pm in Juniper 150. 


Please join us for the Diversity and Leadership Summit in Spring 2020.

EMAIL US WITH ANY QUESTIONS: ecs.summit@gmail.com

Social Media

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Email:     wicse.csuf@gmail.com
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Access Titanium Communities: 

If you'd like to be added as a WiCSE member contact the WiCSE faculty coordinator: beth.harnick.shapiro@fullerton.edu 

Visit http://www.fullerton.edu/ and log into CSUF Portal 

Click 'Titanium' then click 'Titanium Communities' 

"Women in Computer Science and Engineering" should show up if you're added as a participant. 

For information and events click on the side panel links or browse our page.