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Scholarship Funds

The Emeriti Memorial Scholarship Fund was initiated by Gertrude Reith during her presidency of the association in 1987. There are currently up to three scholarships supported by the Emeriti.  The first two are the Emeriti Memorial Scholarships that are open to full-time upper-division and graduate students from any major.  One of these is awarded to an undergraduate student, the other to a graduate student.  The third scholarship is a yearly donation to the Guardian Scholars program that supports students who are leaving the foster care system and who have met university requirements for admission.

The Russell V. Benson and Betty L. Benson Emeriti Scholarship Fund was established in 2014 by a very generous gift to the university from the estate of Russell V. Benson, Professor of Mathematics Emeritus.  The first scholarships from this fund will be awarded in 2015.

Annual donations from our members and gifts from family and friends of deceased emeriti are the principal sources of the endowments. Our Bylaws stipulate that awards are given each year from the interest generated on the accounts.  As the endowments grow so too does the interest that can be used to increase the amount of the awards given each year and/or increase the number of scholarships that will be available.

Criteria for the Emeriti Memorial Scholarships and the Russell V. Benson and Betty L. Benson Scholarships:

  1. admission to CSUF,
  2. scholastic achievement,
  3. university accomplishments and activities, and
  4. community service. Interested parties may contribute to the scholarship fund by checks payable to the Emeriti Scholarship Fund and sent to the association treasurer.

In addition to contributions to the Guardian Scholars Program, the following students were winners of Emeriti Scholarships:

2014 Janis Alexa Smith, Vanessa Lopez
2012 Diem Hoang, nahid shirazi
2009 Dameion M. Renault, Cody T. Ross
2008 Sarah M. English, Michelle D. Don
2007 Nancy Just, Joseph Salib
2006 Jessica Fox
2005 Rosanne Yetemian 
2004 Jaime Mullen, Tranguyen Trangdai
2003 Kim Bailey, Anastasia Macy
2002 Susan Shoho, Stephanie Lomibao
2001 Tom Grotsky, Nona Bachar
2000 Nicole Lemon, Erin (Wren) Reid
1999 Karen Valles, Joei Nguyen
1998 Deborah Newsome, Omar Ortiz-Velasquez

Application procedures:

  1. Complete the Scholarship & Award Application (available from the Financial Aid Office, UH 146), answering all seven questions, and sign the certification;
  2. prepare a typed, personal essay of approximately 250 words including career goals and community service;
  3. obtain two faculty recommendations;
  4. obtain a transcript of all college and university course work, including work in progress; and
  5. submit application materials to Dr. Linda Andersen, Emeriti Center, Pollak Library South, Room 260 (Library Administration Mailroom). (657) 278-2675.