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 California State University, Fullerton



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The Emeriti of California State University, Fullerton, first organized in 1975, is a formal association of all persons awarded emeritus status by the president of CSUF. Additionally, the spouses of deceased emeriti participate as associate members. As an association, the Emeriti exists to promote the welfare of California State University, Fullerton; to enhance the continuing professionalism of the emeriti; and to provide for the fellowship of the members.

The Emeriti meet regularly during the academic year for membership luncheons and other events. Members of the active and emeritus faculty appear frequently as guest speakers on topics of interest from the arts, science, politics, foreign policy, literature readings, as well as estate planning and health care.

The members assist, as volunteers, in special projects for the Emeriti and for the University, e.g., aiding the Its Your University program, and in partnership with the Patrons of the Library, staff the Book Sale Center. The university president each year honors the support groups and their volunteer activities either at the fall "Concert under the Stars or at a separate recognition luncheon." Emeriti volunteers so recognized have been--

1994 - Kenneth Doane
1995 - Mildred Scott
1996 - Ruth Nycum
1997 - June Pollak
1998 - Ralph Beckett
1999 - Herbert Rutemiller
2000 - Ralph Bigelow
2001 - Charles Frazee
2002 - Emmett Long
2003 - Helen Hayner
2004 - Lee Bellot
2005 - Sy Scheinberg
2006 - Jim Young
2007 - Mark Shapiro
2008 - Larry de Graaf
2009 - Nelson Woodard
2010 - Donna Powell
2011 - Jim Friel

The association regularly conducts excursions to sites of interest in the area. In recent years the group has visited the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, the Huntington Library and Gardens, the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in Hacienda Heights, the Sherman Gardens in Corona Del Mar, and the Bowers Museum of Cultural Arts in Santa Ana.

The Emeriti Association also publishes an annual directory of all emeriti and maintains the Book of Tributes honoring deceased members.  We are grateful for the leadership provided our various presidents over the years.  These include:

CSU Fullerton Emeriti Presidents
Stuart McComb, 1975-76 Willis McNelly, 1988-89
Louis O. Brockmann, 1976-77 Allen Zeltzer, 1989-91
Edwin R. Carr, 1977-78 Emmett Long, 1991-93
Ernest Lake, 1978-79 P. June Pollak, 1993-95
Jeanette Lake, 1979-80 James Conant, 1995-96
Barbara Hartsig, 1980-81 Ralph Beckett, 1996-98
C. Elmer Schneider, 1981-82 Ralph Bigelow, 1998-2000
Kenneth Doane, 1982-83 Emmett Long, 2000-02
Arthur Earick, 1983-84 James Young 2002-06
Bernard Hyink, 1984-85 James Friel 2006-10
Elmer Johnson, 1985-86 Nelson Woodard, 2010-2014
Gertrude Reith, 1986-88 Dorothy Heide 2014-