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The Division of Information Technology has selected Zoom Phone to be the campus' next-generation unified communications solution.  Our current phone system is obsolete and at its end of life. The Zoom Phone is an addition to the advanced unified communication platform that the campus has already adopted for video conferencing.  With the implementation of Zoom Phone, your laptop and headset combined will become the new standard as your campus telephone.  

Your current headset will continue to work with Zoom Phone, however, if you do not have a headset, please request one. 



Zoom Phone will allow faculty and staff to receive and place calls, check voicemail, and send and receive text messages from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Please reference this video for a brief introduction to Zoom Phone.


Zoom Phone showroom has moved to ATC (PLS-237)

A Zoom Phone Showroom is avalable in the ATC (PLS-237), moved from LH-702. 

The Showroom provides a comprehensive Telephony experience and showcases various Zoom Phone options. You are invited to view the Showroom at your convenience, however, to meet with an IT Trainer to demonstrate the functionalities, and features, we ask that you make an appointment by sending an email to

The Showroom is available to Monday - Friday, from 8:00AM-5:00PM. (Closed during the lunch hour, 12-1PM) 


zoom phone running in laptop and mobile deviceWhy Zoom Phone

Platform benefits:

  • Single application for video, voice, conference, and voicemail.
  • Single sign-on for all your unified communications.
  • One environment, one login, one vendor, and one support.

Mobility and Portability benefits:

  • Call-flip, move laptop softphone call to mobile app.
  • Office phone number and extension calls can be anywhere.

Call features:

  • You have control of your office number.
  • No more reset voicemail password or softphone password.
  • Voicemail messages will automatically be transcribed
  • Accessibility features
  • Fully customize call handling, greeting messages, call forward, and call control.


Zoom Phone SMS allows you to send and receive text message (SMS) using the Zoom desktop client, mobile app.


  • 10DLC is a 10-digital phone number.  example 657-278-7777
  • 10DLC  SMS is messages sent from a 10DLC to receipients shows a 10-digit number as the sender.  Unlike toll-free number (5-digit or 6 digit number short-code), 10DLC  supports both transactional and promotional messaging.  

Private Office:

  • Embrace softphones with a mobile-first unified communication platform.
  • Your laptop and headset combined to become the new standard as your campus phone.
  • Submit a request for a headset if you do not have one.  Please contact your Department IT Coordinator if you are unsure how to request one. 
  • Ease of use, access meetings, phone, and SMS capabilities all on the Zoom app.
  • Environmentally friendly.  Use your laptop and headset without the need for additional hardware sitting on your desk. 
  • Voicemails can be forwarded to email, and voicemails can be accessed from the Zoom application. 

private office setting, a staff using headset with laptop to use zoom phone



Which Department number will be moved to the Zoom Phone?

Where is Zoom Phone Webinar Recordings?

Do you have Zoom Phone information I can share?

What is the plan to implement Zoom Phone?

We break down the Zoom Phone transition into multiple phases.
  • Phase I – Migrate department, College, Office, and user extension.  Time: 12/19/2022
  • Phase II – Migrate emergency phone (Codeblue), classroom phone, Hallway phone, and elevator phone.  Time: Q1 2023
  • Phase III - Retired current old Clearspan System and retrieve Aastra desk phone.  Time: Q1 2023

What are the different types of Zoom Phone plans?

  • Zoom Phone Basic Plan – Unlimited internal (campus-only extension) calling, Voicemail, and Zoom calling features.
  • Zoom Phone Pro Plan – Unlimited inbound and outbound calling within USA and Canada, SMS, Voicemail, and Zoom calling features.
  • Zoom Phone common area phone Plan – Unlimited internal (extension) calling, Voicemail, Zoom calling features, outbound 911 calling. 

Who is eligible for Zoom Phone?

  • Any State full-time staff and full-time faculty.
  • Part-time staff and faculty can obtain Zoom Phone Basic license and an extension.

How do I prepare for Zoom Phone transition?

  • Nothing, we will work with phone carriers and Zoom for a smooth transition.

What happens to department's vacant number after transitioning to Zoom Phone?

  • We are taking back the vacant number or phone number that has not been used.  

Can I request Pro Plan for part-time staff or keep the vacant number?

  • Yes, please reach out to your DITC, to submit a request for approval.

What new equipment will be deployed to support Zoom Phone App?

  • Please submit a request for a headset if you do not have one. 

Will we be able to use 4-digit extension dialing?

  • Yes, 4-digit dialing support in Zoom Desk phone and softphone.

What happens to my old Aastra desk phone after transitioning to Zoom Phone?

  • Aastra desk phone will not ring inbound calls or make outbound calls.  We will collect and e-waste it in Phase III.

How do I retrieve my old voicemail after transitioning to Zoom Phone?

  • Your old voicemail will stay in Clearspan System.  You can retrieve it by dialing +1 657-278-2525.

How was it determined who got a desk phone?

  • Shared Office and Office Front Desk will get a desk phone.  Your laptop and headset combined to become the new campus Desk phone.

What if I need a desk phone?

  • If accommodation is needed, a desk phone will be assigned to you.  Please reach out to your DITC, to submit a request for approval.

What do we do, in the event of power outage, and I don’t have a phone?

  • Campus emergency procedures will remain, your laptop (Dell/Mac) should have enough battery power up to 10 hours.  

How will I know if my phone number be moved to Zoom?

  • According to the plan, all current active phone numbers will be moved to Zoom, and you will get an email.  A list will be sent to the DITC.

What happens if my phone number was not ported?

  • Email to if your number was not ported. 
  • You  will need to dial 10 digits (657-278-XXXX) to reach internal staff.   Your Mitel phone will continue to work for internal dialing.

Shared Office:

  • Common Share office for part-time faculty and department. 
  • IT will replace Aastra desk phone with a Zoom Phone, Poly Edge E series.
  • Each Part-Time Faculty will be assigned an extension for voicemail and campus-only calls. 
  • Each part-time faculty member will have a dedicated extension for voicemail and campus-only calls.
  • Shared office inbound calls will route to each voicemail and can be accessed from your Zoom App. 

shared office setting a dedicated shared zoom phone in part-time faculty office

Office Front Desk:

  • Department or College Front Desk phone with Call attendants setup.  
  • IT will replace Aastra desk phone with any side card will be upgraded to Zoom Phone, Poly Edge E series that support 12 lines.
  • Intelligent call routing and call controls.
  • Call queue, call delegation, and advanced calling monitoring features can be enabled as needed. 

front desk setting a reception, college or department's front desk


IT Help Desk:


Device Request Assistance:

  • Call:  657.278.8800
  • Pickup Location:  PLS-48A (Approved requests only)


Zoom Support Resources