IT Purchasing Process

The electronic IT Purchase request form initiates and documents the review process of IT products/services to ensure our campus adheres to CSU policy. The form must be completed by the purchase requester, reviewed for compliance, and approved by an IT/ATI subject matter expert (SME) prior to proceeding with the purchase. Consumable products do not require review and may be processed via customary University protocol.

The high-level steps involved in the process:

  1. Request is submitted via Service Now.
  2. Request is routed simultaneously to appropriate subject matter expert. Based on product/service, subject matter expert could include IT, ATI, ISO, and C&P.
  3. Upon receipt and review of all required documentation, request is approved and an authorization number is issued. 
  4. Requester proceeds with purchase. 

The duration of the review process will vary based on campus peak periods (start of a semester, year-end fiscal deadlines, etc.), the product/service type, and timeliness of suppliers in providing a VPAT and/or resolving contractual provisions, as deemed necessary by the Information Security Office.

Thanks for your patience and support in certifying the products and services Cal State Fullerton procures are accessible and secure.

Additional Resources:

For more information surrounding the process and how to navigate through the electronic IT Purchase Request form, please click below: