Subject Matter Expert (SME) Approvers

Department SME
Subject Matter

Information Technology

Hardware (desktops, laptops, monitors, tablets, desktop printers)

Sepehr Sobhani (x7487)/ Vu Ho (x7365)

 Information Security (ISO)

Hector Ramirez (x4750)/ Mike Hirad (x2399) 

Networking Gear

Jay Lin (x2717) / Kevin Diep (x8374)


Willie Peng (x2866)

Server Operating System Software (MS windows server 2019/2022, Red Hat Linux, Unix)

Willie Peng (x2866)

Server Application Software (Oracle, MS SQL)

Andy Pho (x8299) / Joe Luzzi (x3251)

Network Printer / Copier

Sahar Nia (x4850) / Matt Badal (x4698)

Audio Visual (projectors, projector screens, TVs, etc.)

Eunseok Song (x7595) /  Sepehr Sobhani (x7487)

Digital Camera / Video Camera

Eraj Shadaram (x7462) / Nathan Jeffers (x3757)

Security Camera / Surveillance/ PCI

Janet Le (x3096)/ Eugene Sim (x7781)

Desktop Software (applications installed on a workstation, laptop, etc.)

Sepehr Sobhani (x7487)/ Vu Ho (x7365)

Cloud-based Software or Service (Web Hosting, Online Services) 

Willie Peng (x2866)

 IT Consulting / Professional Services

Willie Peng (x2866)

 Other (not listed above)

Hector Ramirez (x4750)/ Sepehr Sobhani (x7487)

Accessible Technology

Assessment of product accessibility, VPATs

Marc Montaser (x8494) / Roman Hernandez (x5397)

Contracts & Procurement

Contractual matters, terms and conditions

Alex Rosales (x4503)


IT Purchasing Administration

Stella Lee (x4691) / Lin Nguyen (x5231)/ Marifie Delirio (x4497)