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 California State University, Fullerton

First Quarter FY 2013 Funding Exceeds $11.25 Million

Faculty and staff were awarded more than $11.25 million in federal, state and local grants during the first quarter of 2013. The grants are funding research on air quality, seismic shaking, STEM education and small molecule inhibitors, as well as programs for nurse anesthetist training and college preparation. The following faculty and staff members received grants to support their research and projects:

Susamma Barua (PI), College of Computer Science and Engineering, $141,380
       Orange County Bridge To Engineering (OCB2E), City of Santa Ana
Michael D. Bridges (PI), Chemistry and Biochemistry, $35,000
       Equilibrium Dynamics Binding Kinetics of Intrinsically Disordered Cancer Proteins by EPR, Research Corp.
Julie Bussell (PI), College of the Arts, $10,000
        Cal State Fullerton Master Class Series, National Endowment for the Arts
Kwang-Peng “Patricia” Cheng (PI), Physics, $152,689
       A Spectroscopic Survey of Circumstellar Gas in Lambda Boo Stars,National Science Foundation
David Cherin (PI), Social Work; Estela Andujo, Marcella Mendez, John Preble and Debra Saxton (Co-PIs), Social Work, $1,262,372
       CalSWEC 2012 Prime Project, University of California, Berkeley
Daniel S. Choi (PI), Educational Leadership; Freddi Jo Bruschke (Co-PI), Geological Sciences; David Srulevitch (Co-PI), Chemistry and Biochemistry; Megan Tommerup (Co-PI), Biological Science, $17,500
       Cal State Fullerton Teacher Pathway Partnership STEM Summer Institute 2012, Growth Sector
Angela Della Volpe (PI), College of Humanities and Social Sciences, $32,333
       Fullerton International Resources for Students and Teachers (FIRST)– State, Regents of the University of
Debra Diep (PI), Center for Demographic Research; Scott Martin (Co-PI), Center for Demographic Research, $579,406
       Development of Demographic Data and Support Products, Orange County Interests
Jennifer Faust (PI), Academic Affairs; Susamma Barua (Co-PI), College of Computer Science and Engineering; Dorota Huizinga (Co-PI), Academic Programs, $95,740
       CSUF ADVANCE IT-Catalyst Project, National Science Foundation
Adrian R. Fleissig (PI), Economics; Mira Farka (Co-PI), Economics, $24,500
       County of Riverside Forecasts and Economic Outlook 2013-2015, Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
Sergio Guerra (PI), Center for Academic Support in Engineering and Computer Science
       $10,000, Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program – Ujjwal Pandey, Dept. of Transportation
       $7,500, Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program – Alexander Lemmon, Dept. of
       $5,000, Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program – Mark principe, Dept. of Transportation
       $5,000, Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program – Suzanne Moubayed, Dept. of
       $3,000, Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program – Kelby Styler, Dept. of Transportation
Belinda Karge (PI), Special Education, $87,284
       CSU Fullerton Special Education Intern Program 2012-2013, Brea Olinda Unified School District
Karen Kim (PI), Educational Leadership, $76,941
       Collaborative Research: GSE/RES: Contextualizing Computing Education: the Role of Interdisciplinary
       Collaborative, Research Models in Undergraduate Women’s Educational and Vocational Trajectories,
       Science Foundation
Mathew Kirby (PI), Geological Sciences, $95,557
       Collaborative Research: Evaluating Hydrologic and Ecologic Reponses to Late-Glacial (9-33) Abrupt Climatic
National Science Foundation
Jeff Kuo (PI), Civil and Environmental Engineering, $164,201
       Air Quality Issues Related to Using Biogas Generated From Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste, California Energy
Christine L. Latham (PI), Nursing, $30,336
       Nurse Anesthetist Traineeship, Health Resources and Services Administration
Richard Laton (PI), Geological Sciences, $15,000
       Mojave Water Agency Master Agreement, Mojave Water Agency
Maria Linder (PI), Chemistry and Biochemistry; Math Cuajungco (Co-PI), Biological Science, $310,730
       Copper Uptake From Plasma Ceruloplasmin, National Institutes of Health
Dawn Macy (PI), Center for Internships and Community Engagement, $436,586
       After School Education and Safety (A.S.E.S.) – Buena Park, Buena Park School District
Kandy Mink-Salas (PI), Student Affairs
       $230,000, Talent Search, Dept. of Education
       $362,250, California State University, Fullerton Upward Bound Project, Dept. of Education
       $971,524, GEAR UP 2011-12, Dept. of Education
Kandy Mink Salas (PI), Student Affairs; David Pagni (Co-PI), Mathematics, $1,315,735
       GEAR UP 2012-13, Dept. of Education
Kandy Mink-Salas (PI), Student Affairs; Javier Ramirez and Lili Tautolo (Co-PIs), Student Academic Services, $292,340
       Student Support Services Program Year 2, Dept. of Education
Christopher Meyer (PI), Chemistry and Biochemistry, $127,782
       Enhancing Biological Science Research Opportunities at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions (PUIs): Advancing
       Discovery While Training the Next Generation Scientists,
National Science Foundation
Ed Mohr (PI), WorkAbility IV, $140,536
       WorkAbility IV Program, State of California Dept. of Rehabilitation
Steven Murray (PI), Academic Affairs; Silas Abrego, Student Affairs, $1,193,632
       STEM2 (Strengthening Transfer Education and Matriculation in STEM), Dept. of Education
Janice Myck-Wayne (PI), Special Education; Kristin Stang (Co-PI), Special Education, $194,784
       I: DREEAM In ECSE: Developmentally Responsive to Educational Experiences That are Accessible and
Dept. Of Education
Tu-Uyen Nguyen (PI), Asian American Studies, $272,644
       Health Asian and Pacific Islander Youth,Dept. of Health and Human Services – Public Health Service
David Pagni (PI), Mathematics; Margaret Kidd (Co-PI), Mathematics, $15,900
       Orange County Mathematics Project at Fullerton (OCMPA) (State), UC Office of the President
Melinda R. Pierson (PI), Special Education; Janice Myck-Wayne, Suzanne Robinson and Barbara Glaeser (Co-PIs), Special Education, $345,391
       CSU Fullerton Special Education Intern Program 2012-2013, Brea Olinda Unified School District
Nicholas Salzameda (PI), Chemistry and Biochemistry, $35,000
       Discovery and Optimization of Small Molecule Inhibitors for the Botulinum Neurotoxin Type E Light, Research
Darren R. Sandquist (PI), Biological Science
       $22,000, Responses to Environmental Change in Mojave Desert Ecosystems, U.S. Geological Survey
       36,000, Implementation of Woolly Star Work, Psomas and Associates
Sharon B. Seidman (PI), Child and Adolescent Studies
       $30,352, Child Development Training Consortium 2013 Competencies Integration Project Co-Lead, Yosemite C
       ommunity College District
       $33,388, Child Development Training Consortium Competencies Integration Project 2013 Regional Coordinator
Yosemite Community College District
Joshua Smith (PI), Physics, $21,250
       Data Handling and Analysis Infrastructure for Advanced LIGO and Beyond, University of Wisconsin
Kristin Stang (PI), Special Education; Barbara Glaeser, Melinda Pierson and Suzanne Robinson (Co-PIs), Special Education, $299,646
       PROCESS Project: Preparation and Retention of Collaborative, Effective, and Successful Specialist, Dept. of
Sora Tanjasiri (PI), Health Science
       $66,108, Research Supplement Ciara Paige, Department of Health and Human Services
       $50,000, Weaving an Islander Network for Cancer Awareness, Research, Training, WINCART
Sora Tanjasiri (PI), Health Science; Jie Weiss and Michele Mouttapa (Co-PIs), Health Science, $485,452
       A Pap Test Intervention to Enhance Decision Making Among Pacific islander Women, Dept. of Health and Human
Sora Tanjasiri (PI), Health Science; Tu-Uyen Nguyen (Co-PI), Asian American Studies, $766,644
       Weaving an Islander Network for Cancer Awareness, Research, Training, WINCART 2
Binod Tiwari (PI), Civil and Environmental Engineering, $127,073
       NEESR-CR: Reduction of Seismic Shaking Intensity on Soft Soil Sites Using Stiff Ground Reinforcement, Virginia
       Polytechnic Institute and State University
 David Botsford, Student Health and Counseling Center Staff Psychologist; Laura Chandler, Health Science  Project                Evaluator, $402,513
       CalMHSA Student Mental Health Initiative, Trustees of the California State University
Jie W. Weiss (PI), Health Science; Emily Cheng (Co-PI), Psychology, $30,000
       Womens Obesity Prevention and Reduction, AltaMed
Michele M. Wood (PI), Health Science
       $8,127, California-Nevada Public Health Training Center, San Diego State University Research Foundation
       $46,241, Comprehensive Message Testing of Imminent Threat Messages For Mobile Devices, University Of