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 California State University, Fullerton

Fund for Scholarly and Creative Activities 

The following faculty members received assigned time for Spring 2012:

Phillip Armstrong, Geological Sciences
    Fission-Track Analysis: Toward understanding rock uplift related to plate tectonics in southern Alaska
Katherine Bono, Child and Adolescent Studies
    An Examination of Daily Stressors, Cortisol and Parent-Child Relationship in Families with School-Aged Children
Martin Bonsangue, Mathematics
    A Longitudinal Study of Supplemental Instruction in STEM Courses at CSUF
Robert Castro, Criminal Justice
    Into the Alien West: Making "Hollow" the Liberty Guarantees in Article IX of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848)
Jennifer Chandler, Management
    Learning in Enterprise System Support: Specialization, Task Type and Network Characteristics
Carolyn Chang, Finance
    Pricing and Hedging Catastrophe-Linked Securities - The Case of Earthquake and Hurricanes
Diane Clemens-Knott, Geological Sciences
    Positioning for the next student-faculty research grant: Two manuscripts for Lithosphere
Kristine Dennehy, History
    Teaching World History: Beyond “the West and Rest"
Andrew Dickson, Art
    Urban Sights/Sites
Anthony DiStefano, Health Science
    Transforming a backlog of primary public health data and unfinished manuscripts into submitted and published

Matt Englar-Carlson, Counseling
    Counseling Men (Special Issue of the Journal of Counseling and Development, Book, Conference Submission)
Janet Eyring, Modern Languages and Literatures
    Single Subject Matter Preparation Program for California's New English Language Development (ELD) Credential
Ken John Faller, Computer Engineering
    Estimation of Anthropometric Measurements of the Human Pinnae using Image Processing Techniques
Peter Fashing, Anthropology
    Gelada monkeys as models for reconstructing the lives of an extinct human ancestor
Rachel Fenning, Child and Adolescent Studies
    Autism Risk and the Emergence of Social Cognition and Competence
Nancy Fitch, History
    Entrepreneurial Nobles or Aristocratic 'Serfs'?: Reconsidering Seigneurialism in Old Regime France
Adrian Fleissig, Economics
    Estimating the Cost and Economic Impact of Rationing
Jorge Fontdevila, Sociology
    Heteronormativity or Homoeroticism? Contexts of HIV Risk among Latino Bisexual Men in Orange County
Margaret Garber, Liberal Studies
    Chymia in the Journal of the Leopoldina Academy of Curiosi
Jasmeet Gill, Health Science
    Anthropometic and lifestyle risk factors for breast cancer among Asian Indian Women
Jianxin Gong, Accounting
    An Agency Model to Explain "Say on Pay" Shareholder Advisory Votes on Executive Compensation
Erualdo Gonzalez, Chicana/o Studies
Gamini Gunawardane, Management
    An Empirical Investigation of Competencies, Knowledge and Skills Needed by Entry Level Healthcare
    Operations Managers

Kam Hamidieh, Mathematics
    An Improved Ferro-Segers Estimator of the Extremal Index
Katrin Harich, Marketing
    Teaching Students the use of Social Media to Reach Marketing Objectives
Nick Henning, Secondary Education
    Where I Am, With Those I Trust: The Importance of Context and Collaboration in the Transformational
    Resistance of New Teachers

Michael Horn, Biological Science
    Evolution and range expansion of the specialized marine forager: the Elegant Tern (Thalasseus elegans),
    an abundant, migratory seabird in the eastern Pacific Ocean

James Hussar, Modern Languages and Literature
    A Lie for a Lie: the Unreliable Narrator and MPLA Media Control in Ondjaki's Novels
Zair Ibragimov, Mathematics
    Hyperbolic geometry of P-adic numbers
Zakyi Ibrahim, Comparative Religion
    A Structural Analysis of Qur'an 56: Whose Assessment is it Anyway?
Pable Jasis, Elementary and Bilingual Education
    Family Engagement and School Improvement: A Struggle for Voice and Participation
Julian Jefferies, Reading
    Undocumented Youth in Schools: Implications for Policy and Practice
Jim Jenkins, Art
    Disney Imagineering ImagiNations Competition
Jade Jewett, Art
    Artist Monograph "Odis Craig: Drawings"
Steven Jobbitt, History
    Globalization and Its Discontents: Human Rights and the Politics of Resistance on the African Periphery,

Pawel Kalczynski, Information Systems and Decision Sciences
    A Short-Term Price Forecast and Profitability of Fossil-Fuel Generators of Electricity
David Kelman, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics
    In the Wake of the Corpse: Unearthing Politics in Rodriguez Julia's Cortijo's Wake
Walied Keshk, Accounting
    Investor Directional Preferences and Reactions to Perceived Analyst Herding
Kristin Kleinjans, Economics
    Explaining Gender Differences in Occupational Choice: Do Women Place Relatively Less Weight on Wages and
    More Weight on Social Prestige Than Men?

Kevin Lambert, Liberal Studies
    Samuel Butler and Erewhom: Readers and Writers in the Mechanical Age
Carrie Lane, American Studies
    Unemployed White-Collar Workers Envision the Free-Market Future
Maria Linder, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Manuscript and grant proposal on new discoveries relating to how copper and iron are transported and utilized
    by cells and organs of the mammal

Laura Lohman, Music
    Susanna Rowson's Contributions to Early American Musical Life, 1793-1822
Gail Love, Communications
    A Video Intervention to destigmatize and promote student utilization of mental health services at CSUF
Pamela Madsen, Music
    Luminosity: The Passion of Pierre and Marie Curie, a Multi-media opera for voices, ensemble, video and electronics
Stacy Mallicoat, Criminal Justice
    Assessing Perceptions of Stalking Behaviors in the University Environment
Robert McLain, History
    Gandhi's War: The Limits of Nonviolence in Great War India
Olga Mejia, Counseling
    Acculturation and attachment: An immigrant perspective
Sinjini Mitra, Information Systems and Decision Sciences
    Statistical Models for Biometric Authentication
Alison Miyamoto, Biological Science
    Biochemical and functional analysis of the ovarian cancer biomarker MAGP2
Brian Norton, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics
    “Laurence Sterne among the Essayists: What the Novel Learned from Literary Nonfiction, and Vice Versa”
David Obstfeld, Management
    Brokerage, Social Networks, and Knowledge-Based Innovation
Rosario Ordonez-Jasis, Reading
    Making all Literacies Count: Mapping Community-Based Language and Literacy Resources
Terri Patchen, Elementary and Bilingual Education
    Capitalizing on Participation: Latina/o Adolescents and the Classroom Economy
Andrea Patterson, Liberal Studies
    The Persistence of the Genetic Theory of Race: A Historical Perspective
Madeline Rasche, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Limiting Biological Methane Production as a Potential Contribution to Obesity: Submission of two grants proposals,
    manuscripts and a conference presentation
Jochen Schenk, Biological Science
    NSF grant proposal on “the role of fructans in plant xylem osmoregulation”
Mia Sevier, Human Services
    Couple Therapy Research Paper and Conference Presentation
Jason Shepard, Communications
    The Emerging Uses of Ethical Principles in Journalist's Privilege Law
Terri Snyder, American Studies
    The Power to Die: Slavery and Suicide in North America, 1619-1830
Jeanette Solano, Comparative Religion
    Hijabs, Hatred, and Hope: Muslims in the Public Square in Orange County, CA
Susan Sy, Psychology
    The Influence of Perceived Parental Expectations and Pressure on College Students' Academic Success
Fu-Ming Tao, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Molecular mechanisms of atmospheric reactions of No2 and SO2 sources of nitrous acid, sulfuric acid and aerosols
Stella Ting-Toomey, Human Communication Studies
    Intercultural Adjustment (ICA) and Friendship Dialectics in International Students
Marcelo Tolmasky, Biological Science
    Plasmids: their role in evolution and dissemination of genes involved in virulence and resistance to antibiotics
J. Chris Westgate, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics
    “Inverted Voyeurism: Regarding the Middle Class in Rachel Crother's A Man's World”
Michele Wood, Health Science
    The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill: Lessons in Community Resilience
Jindong Wu, Geography
    Strengthening Remote Sensing Science Research and Education
Feng Xiao, Economics
    Corruption and Growth: An Empirical Case Study of China
Lei Xu, Geography
    Fertility Preferences of Ethnic Minority Young Adults in Southern California
Danielle Zacherl, Biological Science
    Quantifying dispersal patterns of a newly exploited fishery species, Kelletia Kelletii, using larval behavior
    and chemical tags.