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 California State University, Fullerton

2010-11 State Special Fund Mini-Grants Recipients

The following 23 faculty members received State Special Fund Mini-Grants of up to $5,000 for the 2010-11 year:

Phil Armstrong, Geological Science, $5,000
    Focused Uplift and Relations to Earthquake Deformation in Southern Prince William Sound, Alaska
Allison Cliath, Sociology, $5,000
    Close to Home: The Influence of Trust on Perceptions of Environmental Risk
Kathryn Dickson, Biological Science, $5,000
   Are Ocular Muscles the Source of heat Used to elevate Eye and Brain Temperatures in Tunas and Lamnid Sharks?
David Drath, Biological Science, $5,000
   Lung Metastasis: Role of Fibroblasts
Howard Forman, Marketing, $5,000
   Integrating With Your Partners: The Role of Information Technology and its Impact on Marketing Channel Members’ Performance
Angelique Harris, Sociology, $4,960
   Guardians of the Race: AIDS Activism Among Black Women
Michael Horn, Biological Science, $5,000
   Spatial and Temporal Foraging Patterns of Nesting elegant Terns (Thalasseus Elegans) in Southern California Based on GPS Tracking
Erica Howell, Special Education, $5,000
    Post-School Outcomes of Individuals With High-Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome: Quality of Life, Reflections and Recommendations
Mortaza (Mori) Jamshidian, Mathematics, $5,000
   Data Driven Sensitivity Analysis to Detect Missing Data Mechanism with Applications to Structural Equation Modeling
Danny Kim, Health Science, $5,000
   A Study of Energy Drink Consumption Patterns Among College Students Who Play Video Games Regularly
Uksun Kim, Civil and Environmental Engineering, $4,990
   Seismic Retrofit Systems of CFT Column-to-Wide Flange Steel Beam Connections Using CFRP Sheets
Jeffrey Knott, Geological Science, $5,000
   Investigating Earthquake Recurrence and Pupfish Dispersal Pathways, Eureka Valley, Death Valley National Park, California
Emily Lee, Philosophy, $5,000
   A Phenomenology of Race, Chapter 5, “Identity in Difference”
Anne Lemnitzer, Civil and Environmental Engineering, $5,000
   How Would California’s Buildings Perform During a “Chile Earthquake?” Understanding Building Behavior to Improve Current California Design Codes Using Aftershock Data Recorded from the Feb. 27, 2010 Earthquake in Santiago, Chile
Pamela Madsen, Music, $5,000
   Melting Away: Multi-media Work for Strings, Electronics and Projected Images
Nikolas Nikolaidis, Biological Science, $5,000
   Characterization of the Bacterial Hsp70 Protein-lipid Interaction: Towards Lucidating the Evolutionary Origin of the Lipid-binding Properties of Hsp70s
Melanie Sacco, Biological Science, $5,000
   Targeting Argonaute Proteins for Degradation: Do Polerovirus P0 Proteins Show Specificity?
Nicholas Salzameda, Chemistry and Biochemistry, $5,000
   Discovery and Development of Botulinum Neurotoxin Inhibitors
Nancy Segal, Psychology, $4,700
   Behavioral Development in Virtual Twins and Chinese Twins Adopted Apart and Together
Justin Tucker, Political Science, $5,000
   Proximity to Risk: Edison, Ascon and the Affluent
Jim Volz, Theatre and Dance, $5,000
   Working American Theatre During Devastating Economic Times
Lisa Winstead, Elementary Education, $5,000
   Aspire Case Study: Exploring Effective Pedagogical Practices
Leila Zenderland, American Studies, $5,000