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 California State University, Fullerton



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Student Employment Resources

  • Need Help Finding a Job? - To find on-campus employment a student may either contact the department directly or look online at the Career Center to see the various jobs that are posted (portal login required).
  • All new student employees are required to take the mandatory online training. All new student employees are required to take the mandatory online Confidentiality training. To access the training please log onto your Student Portal and click on the tab labeled “StudentTraining”. If you do not see this tab please go to your profile and add it. Click on the Mandatory Student Training logo. Next click on the folder to have the list of mandatory trainings appear. Finally, click “Launch” next to the training you want to complete.Students have one semester to complete all mandatory training.
  • Need more information on Federal Work Study or Financial Aid?
  • Need more information from Payroll (i.e. when you get paid)?
  • Benefits - You are covered during your usual work hours by Worker's Compensation insurance against job-related illness or injury. Students are not entitled to other employment benefits such as overtime pay, paid holidays, vacation or sick leave, retirement, unemployment compensation, state disability insurance, or permanent status. Time used by Student Assistants for jury duty or when summoned as a witness, shall be treated as an excused absence without pay. A student Assistant who is a member of any reserve component of the United States Armed Forces, who is voluntarily or involuntary ordered to extend U.S. military services, shall be granted time off without pay.