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Publications Committee

The Student Affiars Publications Committee meets to review policy and procedure relative to publications produced by Student Affairs offices. The committee also provides creative input into division wide publications and serves as a link with the campus wide Publications Committee and Public Affairs.

Policies on Student Affairs Publications

  • Whenever possible, the "Student Affairs mark" should be used on the front of any publication. Copies (paper and electronic) of the "Student Affairs mark" can be obtained by emailing Kappy Ruzzi in VPSA.
  • If the "mark" cannot be used, all Student Affairs publications should have the words "Student Affairs" prominently displayed on the front of the publication. Placement (upper or lower, right or left corner or other) is up to the discretion of the producer. University approved typestyle should be used.
  • Whenever possible, do not use the words "division of…"; use only "Student Affairs".
  • Whenever possible, use the university logo on the front or back of any printed material. When in doubt about how or where to use the university logo, contact Public Affairs at ext. 2414.

Guidelines for who should review publications:

  • Off campus distribution/Graphics help –Public Affairs
  • Off campus distribution/Editorial help –Public Affairs
  • On campus distribution only/Major pieces (brochures, handbooks, calendars, etc.) – Dr. Jerry Moore
  • On campus distribution only/Minor pieces (limited life flyers) – no review necessary

Feel free to ask Kappy Ruzzi for assistance/advice any time. Please make sure that she has copies of all major pieces.

For Student Affairs department letterhead, place "Student Affairs" under the University logo, skip a line, then place the department name and phone underneath. Do not use the Student Affairs "mark".