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Department Vice Chair; Professor, Graphic Design


Location: VA 266
Phone: (657) 278 - 4657

Contact the Art Department Office at (657) 278 -3471 for current office hours

John T. Drew is currently a Full Professor at California State University, Fullerton. He has taught at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond Virginia, and The University of Utah, and has been a Visiting Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, Qatar in the Graphic Design and Visual Communication Areas. He is the co-author of Acuity 1.0, Color Management: A Comprehensive Guide for Graphic Designers, Color Management for Logos, Color Management for Package Design, Choosing Color for Logos & Packaging: Solutions for 2D & 3D Designs, and The Acuity Color System. He is the author of The Effects of Distance, Typographic Form, Color, and Motion on Visual Acuity, and The Effects of Distance, Typographic Form, Color and Motion on 20/20 Vision. Many of these books have been translated and published as co-editions into French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Russian, and South East Asia (English language). Professor Drew is the co-editor of Design Education in Progress: Process and Methodology, and he is on the editorial board of directors for Designed Behaviors, an international design journal published by Kyunggido: Design Research and Education Lab, South Korea.

Professor Drew has been a consultant for the South Korean Ministry of Transportation and Meadow River Enterprises to develop new signage systems, including low-light signage systems for use by the United States National Park. He has been an internal book reviewer for Laurence King Publishing Ltd., London, UK, and RotoVision Books, London, UK. His design work can be seen in numerous books, periodicals, magazines, catalogs, and journals including, most notably Color Management, United Designs: Graphic Design Practices & Education, Working With Computer Typography 3: Color and Type, Typographic Specimens: The Great Typefaces, and Graphic Design: A Career Guide and Educational Directory, published by the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Professor Drew’s design work is in the permanent collections of the Walker Gallery, University of Nebraska at Kearny and The Hanyang University of South Korea. He has written for Messages, AIArchitect’s, ACSAnews, Design Education In Progress: Process and Methodology, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, Revival of The Fittest: Digital Versions of Classic Typefaces, Why Design?: The Proceedings of The Hanyang International Design Conference, Journal for the Hanyang International Design Conference, Identity Systems, United Designs: Graphic Design Practices & Education, and Y Tristimulate Your Colors, Paper, ICOGRADA. His design work, teaching, and writing have been recognized by the American Institute of Graphic Arts, The Art Directors Club, Society for Environmental Graphic Design, The Society for Technical Communication, NightLine: NBC News, Grafik, Grafik Magazine, UK, @cturs Graphiques, FR, Creation, FR, and L’ Argus de la presse, FR. He is a Society for Environmental Graphic Design Educational Foundation Grant recipient and holds a patent with the United States Patent Office. Professor Drew has been an educational board member for the American Institute of Graphic Arts. He is a current member of the College Arts Association, AIGA, and the Guild of Book Workers. He is a lifetime honorary member of The Korea Brand Identity Association, and has been a guest speaker for numerous events including ICOGRADA Design Week in Daegu, South Korea. Professor Drew is the recipient of the California State University, Fullerton Outstanding Teacher Award, Four-time Outstanding Scholars Award, and Six-time Author Award.

Professor Drew has worked at Kinitex: Graphic Communications, Inc., Graphix, Inc., All Night Bar and Grill: Graphic Design, Inc., Engeman’s Dreamworks, Inc., Bremmer & Goris Communication, Inc., Vision Marketing, Inc., Rice Garder and Associates, Inc., and Camera Room and Ink, Inc. as a Assistant Animator, Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Partner.


ART 323B, Graphic Design
ART 483A, Special Studies in Graphic Design
ART 503A, Graduate Problems in Graphic Design