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Professor and Program Coordinator, Art Education

Location: VA 177
Phone: (657) 278 - 7378

Contact the Art Department Office at (657) 278 -3471 for current office hours

Betsy Holster received her undergraduate degree in art from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, her Masters degree in art from Northern Michigan University, and her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College. Betsy started teaching at CSUF in fall of 2005. She has worked in a variety of media, involving a wide range of book forms. Betsy’s work centers on the ecosystem and physical environment that she finds herself in. Before moving to southern California, this ecosystem was the Lake Superior Watershed. She is beginning to take a more global approach in her artwork.

Betsy teaches Art 441 and Art 442, classes that prepare artists to teach in the public schools. She also teaches Artists Books (Art 348, 448, 548), and papermaking (Art 330, 485).


ART 107A, Beginning Drawing 
ART 300 Writing in the Visual Arts
ART 330, Creative Papermaking
ART 348, Artists’ Books
ART 380, Art and Child Development
ART 441, Media Exploration for Teaching Art
ARTE 442, Teaching Art in the K-12 Schools
ART 448, Special Studies: Artists’ Books and Art
ARTE 449I, Internship in K-12 Teaching
ARTE 449E, Externship in K-12 Teaching
ARTE 449S, Seminar in K-12 Teaching
ART 485, Special Studies in Papermaking
ART 548, Graduate Problems in Artists’ Books