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Emeritus Professor, Ceramics



Date of Birth: 6-12-38, Petaluma, CA
Military Service, Honorable Discharge, 1959, USMC


My work has its basis in traditional pottery. I use drawing and painting on my work to exploit form. Let the pots speak for themselves.


1966 B. A., Art, California State University, Fullerton
1969 M. F. A., Claremont Graduate School & University Center


1998 The Best of Pottery II, Fina/Gustin
1995 The Best of Pottery, Fina/Fairbanks
1989 Salzbrand Keramik '89, International Wettbewerb, Kolbenz Karl, J. Wilbert
1988 Studio Potter, Vol. 17, No. l, December
1989 Earth & Fire, Marjorie Beebe, Nat. Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts


Vincent Suez has exhibited ceramics in museums and galleries throughout the U.S. His work has been exhibited in Australia, Tasmania, Japan, Italy and in 1993/89 in Koblenz, W. Germany. Since 1969 he has been in approximately 150 ceramic exhibitions including four one-person ceramic exhibitions. His work was featured in 1995 in The Best of Pottery and The Best of Pottery II , Angela Fina. In 1994 he was the guest artist at Pitzer College and presented a lecture and a one-day ceramic workshop. He also lectured at Riverside City College and gave a one-day ceramic workshop. During 1996 he juried the California Collegiate Ceramic Competition. In1995 he was one of four jurors in the International Collegiate Ceramic Competition which was presented in the Riverside Museum of Art.


1994 Vincent Suez, Recent Work in Ceramics, Salathe Gallery, Claremont, CA
1988 Vincent Suez Ceramics, Sierra Nevada, Incline, NV
1986 Ceramics, Vincent Suez, Fine Arts Gallery, San Jacinto, CA.


1999: Procelain 99, Ismay Gallery, Rodchester, NY. (Second Place Award);
1998: BrandXXVII, Glendale, CA (Kantor Award);
1997: Sequential Development, The Work of Mentors, Fine Arts Gallery, Calif. State University, Los Angeles, CA;
1997: Current Clay VI, Gallery Eight, La Jolla, CA;
1996: Lotsa Clay VI, Nexus Gallery, Philadelphia, PA; Collectors Cups--But With Handles and Made of Clay, Gallerie Handwerkskammer, Koblenz, Germany;
1995: Lotsa Clay V, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA; Clay Cup V, University Museum, Carbondale, IL; Clay Cup V, Hartman Gallery, Peoria, ILL;
1994: Get Back, Kohn Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Annual Show, Harrison Arcadia Galleries, Philadelphia, PA;10-Year Anniversary Exhibition, Nexus Gallery, Philadelphia, PA;
1993: Southern California Ceramic Educators, Mesa College, San Diego, CA; Salzbrand Keramick, Koblenz Electoral Castle, Koblenz,Germany; Wichita National
1993, Wichita Center for the Arts, Wichita, KS;
1992: Clay Cup IV, Art Gallery, Univ. So. Illinois, Carbondale, IL; Art Fair on the Rhine, Special Ceramic Exhibition, Koblenz, Germany;
1991: Invitational International Ceramics, Wichita Art Assoc. Art Gallery; Six Celebrations in Clay, Little Tokyo Clay Works, Los Angeles;
1990: Invitational International Ceramics
1990, Kansas State Univ. Art Gallery, Manhattan, KS; Ceramics Bi-Annual, Art Gallery, Pasadena, CA.


ART 106A, Beginning Ceramics
ART 106B, Beginning Ceramics
ART 306A, Advanced Ceramics
ART 306A, Advanced Ceramics
ART 484A, Special Studies in Ceramics
ART 504A, Graduate Problems in Ceramics