Suvan Geer: Between Here and There - An Inquiry Into Natural Phenomenon 

September 9 2017 – December 7, 2017
Curator: TBA

Suvan Geer’s installation Between Here and There - An Inquiry into Natural Phenomenon gives a complete unified experience rather than a separate individual experience by creating a space that reminds the audience of the social identities that come into completion by coming together with each other.  Art is no longer conceived as a solitary relationship between art and its viewer instead as a situation that is one with the environment.  This exhibition examines art's relationship to reality, in particular everyday social-environment reality and questions the social vulnerabilities exposed by natural events. The trajectory of Suvan Geer’s work converges on the perception of time, space and memories. Drawing from her previous career as a nurse Geer utilizes her unique talent by combining events from her past to reveal flashes of memories that are foreseeable insights into a state of ambiguity.