Suvan Geer: What We Saw of it... 

September 9 2017 – December 7, 2017
Curators: Laura Black & Selena Robles

Show card for Suvan Geer  

About the Exhibition

California State University, Fullerton and the Nicholas and Lee Begovich Gallery are proud to present What We Saw of it… an installation by Suvan Geer. What We Saw of it… is an inquiry into the experience of memory. Not a single memory, but rather the experience of remembering - with all its slips and slides, moments of clarity and repeated forgetting. Using multiple video projections, a circling boat made of wind-fall pine needles and fragments of pages torn from her journals she creates a darkened territory of ongoing motion, appearance and disappearance. She says, “Perhaps motion is a fundamental part of memory because as we make our way forward it is always looking back. No wonder we can forget where we are.” This exhibition is rumination by the artist on the images we absorb and replay constantly to ourselves as we try to negotiate the meaning and direction of life.

Installation view from "What We Saw of It..."