Marilyn & Cline Duff, Leo Freedman Foundation, and Exit Galleries

NOTE: Gallery hours are determined by the exhibitor.  All galleries are closed for Winter and Spring Break, major holidays and periods of university closure.

College of the Arts map

Duff Gallery  (graduate Students)

Student exhibition in the Duff Gallery

Freedman Gallery (Gradute students)

Installation view of the Freedman Gallery

Exit Gallery (undergraduate students)

Student exhibition in the Exit gallery

8/25-9/7: Jose Flores Nava (ceramics)
11/30-12/7:  Patrick Nunes (illustration)

11/3-11/9:  Natalie Martin (ceramics)
11/10-11/16:   Sarah Crapes (creative photography)
11/24-11/30:  Brian Keyes (drawing & painting)
12/1-12/7: Sara Mirbaha (creative photography/ graphic design)
 Art 479 Presents: Regularly Scheduled Programming 

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