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The B.A. in Art (Teaching Concentration) may be effectively combined with subject matter studies necessary for either the multiple subject teaching credential (K-8) or single subject credential (7-12) in art. Undergraduates are encouraged to work with the faculty adviser in art and the Center for Careers in Teaching (657-278-7130) as early as possible in their academic careers to plan efficient course selections for general education, the concentration and electives. With careful planning it may be possible to take certain education courses in the senior year of the bachelor's degree. Postgraduate students should contact the Admission to Teaching Education office in the School of Education (657-278-3411) for information on attending an overview presentation.

General Program Requirements

Be advised by a faculty adviser in art education.
Fulfill credential requirements listed in the credential program section of the catalog (see Teacher Education or Credentials in the index).

Meet the requirements listed under the Teaching concentration.

Apply and be admitted to a credential program prior to enrollment in Art Ed 442, professional education courses and student teaching. Contact the Admission to Teaching Education office in the School of Education.

Be accepted for teacher education and student teaching based on candidate quotas, portfolio review, and evidence of success in completed university course work.

Be recommended by the faculty adviser in art education.

Complete Secondary Education 310 and 386 or equivalents prior to applying to the teacher education program for the Single Subject credential.

Pass CBEST exam prior to admission to the credential program.

Have a G.P.A. of 2.89 overall, 3.0 in major.

Single Subject Credential Preparation

First semester (extern): 18 units

Second semester (intern): 12 units

Upon completion of above program the student is eligible for a partial or preliminary credential. A clear credential requires nine additional units of state mandated courses within a specified period of time.


Multiple Subject Instruction-Ryan Act

The following three courses are recommended for all students intending to teach in the elementary schools in multiple subject classrooms.

Art 380 Art and Child Development (3)

Music 333 Music and Child Development (3)

Theatre 402 Dramatic Activities for Children (3)

The following additional list of courses would be strongly recommended for students who wish to expand their knowledge in any or all of the arts:

Art 101, 103, 104, 106A, 107A, 201A,B, 310A,B, 330, 380, 441
Dance 101, 112, 122, 132, 142, 323A,B, 422
Music 111, 251, 281B, P, S, W, 283
Theatre 100, 263A,B, 276A, 277, 370A,B, 402A,B, 403A,B