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Courses leading to the certificate are designed to educate students in museum practices in preparation for entry into the museum profession. The curriculum includes instruction in the historical development and philosophical basis of collections, exhibitions and their design, and curatorship. A museum internship is required.

The Certificate in Museum Studies may be undertaken as a self-contained program, or may be taken in conjunction with the Master of Arts/ Master of Fine Arts in Art degree or, by special permission with other graduate degrees in the university. Studies incorporate required prerequisites and 24 units of upper-division and graduate classes.


1. B.A. in Art or other major by special permission

2. Specific course prerequisites:

a. 12 units in upper-division art history

b. 6 units in graphic design and exhibition design

c. 3 units of advanced writing (Communications 435 Editorial and Critical Writing; or Communications 362 Public Relations Writing; or English 301 Advanced College Writing)

d. 3 units of beginning accounting


Study Plan

The certificate program requires 24 units. The 24 units are distributed as follows:

Art 464 Museum Conservation (3)
Art 481 Seminar in Art History (3)
Art 483D Exhibition Design (3)
Art 495 Internship in Art (3)
Art 501 Curatorship (3)
Art 503D Exhibition Design (3,3)
Course in museum education (3)

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