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Whether developing the talents of fine artists, animators, illustrators or exhibition, graphic, and web/interactive designers it is a long held belief at Fullerton that success is best achieved when a strong curricular foundation is prepared and effectively delivered. The core curriculum of each of our eleven baccalaureate degree programs is supported by two-dimensional and three-dimensional design and beginning drawing and painting courses. Four courses serve this foundational role, and unlike many art school programs where a portfolio is required for admittance, here at Fullerton we prefer to measure the strength of a student’s preparedness by their successful completion of ART 103, Two-Dimensional Design; ART 104, Three-Dimensional Design; ART 107A, Beginning Drawing; and Art 107B, Beginning Painting, all taken in the freshman year of study, where achieving a ‘B’ average (3.0 GPA) allows one to declare as their objective one of nine BFA program concentrations.



Bryan Cantley, Professor, Three-Dimensional Design

Joe Forkan, Associate Professor, Drawing

Lawrence Yun, Associate Professor, Two-Dimensional Design

Joe Biel, Associate Professor, Two-Dimensional Design

Andrew Dickson, Assistant Professor, Beginning Painting



We encourage you to visit The University Academic Catalog to become more familiar with the undergraduate BA and BFA curricula.




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Graduate Programs:
Master of Arts in Art
Master of Fine Arts in Art

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Minor in Art
Certificate in Museum Studies
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