Internal Audit

CSUF Internal Audit Services assists campus management by conducting independent and objective operational and compliance audits, advisory reviews, and internal control assessments, to add value and improve operations.

CSUF Internal Audit Services is also the campus liaison for audits, reviews, and investigation conducted by the Chancellor’s Office Audit and Advisory Service (OAAS) department as well as external agencies such as the California State Auditor.

As the campus liaison, the Director of Audit Services assists campus departments with responding to internal control questionnaires, reviewing draft reports for accuracy, assisting management with the development of corrective action plans to address recommendations, and reviewing corrective action documentation.

CSU Audit Information

Best Practices

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Types of Reviews

Operational Audits

Examine the use of unit resources to evaluate whether those resources are being used in the most effective and efficient manner to fulfill the University’s mission and objectives. An operational audit may include elements of the other audit types listed below such as financial, compliance, and IT system controls.

Financial Audits

Focus on accounting and reporting of financial transactions, including commitments, authorizations, and receipt and disbursement of funds. The purpose of this type of audit is to verify that there are sufficient controls over cash and cash-like assets, and that there are adequate process controls over the acquisition and use of resources. Unlike external financial audits, internal financial audits do not prepare or express professional opinions on the fairness of the presentation of financial statements.

Compliance Audits

Review adherence to laws, regulations, policies, and procedures. Examples include federal and state law, Trustee policies, Chancellor’s Office directives, and campus/auxiliary policies and procedures. Recommendations typically call for improvements in processes and controls intended to ensure compliance with regulations.

Internal Control Reviews

Focus on the components of the university and auxiliary organization major business activities. Areas such as payroll and benefits, cash handling, inventory and equipment and their physical security, grants and contracts, and financial reporting are usually subject to review.

Review Engagements

High level/limited scope reviews will be performed as needed to evaluate controls and procedures for a specific process such as payroll changes and employee separations. Unlike an audit, a review engagement does not include as much substantive testing (detail testing of transactions) and primarily includes management inquiry and a limited review of documents and analytical procedures.  


Seek to establish evidence of impropriety; imply a systematic track-down of information the investigator hopes to discover or needs to know. Investigations include alleged instances of fraud, waste and abuse, and improper governmental activities.

Please refer all audit inquiries to:

Cindy Merida, CPA, CIA
Director of Audit Services and Coordination
(657) 278-4697

Please refer all whistleblower inquiries to:

Anne Grogan, Interim Compliance Manager
(657) 278-5465