The Herbarium is named for botanist Fay A. MacFadden, who sold her extensive collection of plants to the university just prior to her death in 1964. Specimens are continually added to the collection, which number over 25,000 vascular plants, about 12,000 bryophytes, and nearly 800 lichen specimens. The plants are used as research and teaching tools by our faculty, staff, students, and other researchers. Efforts are underway to place our specimen inventory into a searchable database.

Is the herbarium open for visitation or tours?

We don't have staff available to host daily visitations but an appointment can be made for a visit. Please understand that the herbarium is for research & teaching, thus it has neither museum displays nor polished tours.

To make an appointment, contact the Director, Dr. H. Jochen Schenk

Can I borrow specimens?

We loan specimens to approved educational and research institutions. We do not loan specimens to individuals.

To arrange a loan, contact the Director, Dr. H. Jochen Schenk 

Herbarium Code (Index Herbariorum):  MACF

Director and Curator 

Dr. H. Jochen Schenk,
CSUF Department of Biological Science

Graduate Student Assistant

Sarah Taylor


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