Nano- and Micro-Visualization Lab

The  CSUF College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics houses a 1,500 square foot complex in the basement of McCarthy Hall (Room 13).  I

The main laboratory complex connected to the rooms previously mentioned is a 600 square laboratory teaching area and work space, with benches and seats for eight students, plus an additional 120 square foot storage area, which is also connected to the office of our full-time microscopy technician.

The laboratory includes a chemical fume hood and various types of specimen preparatory equipment such as a critical point dryer, sputter coater, and carbon evaporator. The lab includes a dedicated darkroom (144 square foot) because the TEM and SEM are still film capable, with equipment for developing and printing negatives up to 4” x 5”.

Current Lab Equipment

  • A Hitachi H-7000 (125 KV) Side Entry, Film Camera Transmission Electron Microscope in a 155 square foot room, with dedicated recirculating water, electrical power and air conditioning
  • A Leica TCS SP2 Inverted Scanning Confocal Microscope equipped with an acoustic optical beam splitter (AOBS), acoustic optical tunable filters (AOTF), eight laser line including 405 nm, and two channel photo multiplier. This instrument is installed in a 132 square foot room with a dedicated laser air-cooling system
  • A Hitachi S-2400 (25 KV) Scanning Electron Microscope with analog film recorder is equipped with an analog film recorder that is outfitted with a digital SLR. It is housed in a dedicated 167 square foot room with two separate water recirculating systems



Multiple fluorescent microscopes with dedicated work spaces, and a 190 square foot room containing 

  • two ultramicrotomes (a Reichert-Jung Ultracut E and a LKB V ultratome)
  • three vibration isolation tables
  • an optical workbench with an isolated air-conditioning system.