About the Biology Graduate Program 

The Department of Biological Science is one of five departments in the College of Natural Science & Mathematics. The Department offers a thesis-based Master of Science (M.S.) in Biology degree, which requires completion of a research thesis under the supervision of one of the Department's full-time faculty members. No other routes (e.g. coursework, examination, project) to the M.S. degree are offered.

The purpose of the M.S. in Biology program is to provide students with advanced learning opportunities in biology through the performance and completion of original research. The program is designed to prepare students for: 1) admission to Ph.D. programs in the biological and biomedical sciences; 2) professional careers with governmental agencies and in the private sector; 3) technical work in education, medical, and environmental settings; and 4) teaching at the two-year college level. Additionally, the program provides opportunities for students to enhance their knowledge of science and the scientific process for teaching at the secondary level and for professional work in other fields. The program is designed to be completed in two years, although most students take longer because they underestimate the amount of time needed to complete a research-based thesis, especially if they work in or outside the University or devote time to activities other than research.

M.S. Degree Requirements

  • Completion, with an average grade of B or better, of 30 units of thesis committee-approved coursework
  • Completion of a committee-approved research thesis
  • Satisfactory performance on a final oral examination (defense) of the thesis
  • Public presentation of thesis research

Contact Information

For general inquiries about the M.S. in Biology program, contact the Biology Graduate Adviser (biogradadv@fullerton.edu) or the Department Office (McCarthy Hall 282) at (657) 278-3614 (fax -3426).