Jennifer Burnaford

Contact Information

Office: MH 286A

Phone: 657-278-2382


Jennifer Burnaford

AssOCIATE Professor


PhD, Oregon State University

BA, Dartmouth College

Research Areas

Marine community ecology, species interactions, abiotic factors influencing species distributions

Courses Regularly Taught

Evolution & Biodiversity, Phycology, Population & Community Ecology


Burnaford, J.L., S.Y. Henderson, and B. Pernet. 2011. Assemblage shift following population collapse of a non-indigenous bivalve in an urban lagoon. Marine Biology 158: 1915-1927.

Burnaford, J. L., and M. Vasquez*. 2008. Solar radiation plays a role in habitat selection by th seastar Pisaster ochraceus . Marine Ecology Progress Series 368:177-187.

Hofmann, G. E., J.L. Burnaford, and K.T. Fielman. 2005. Genomics-fueled approaches to current challenges in marine ecology. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 20:305-311.

Burnaford, J.L. 2004. Habitat modification and refuge from sublethal stress drive a marine plant-herbivore association. Ecology 85: 2837-2849. 

Folt, C. L., C.Y. Chen, M.V. Moore and J. Burnaford. 1999. Synergism and antagonism among multiple stressors. Limnology and Oceanography 44: 864-877. 

* indicates a student co-author