Esther Chen

Contact Information

Office: MH 207C

Phone: 657-278-2543


Esther Chen

Associate Professor


PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MS, Yale University

BS, Yale University

Research Areas

Molecular biology of microbe-host interactions; genes and signals in the symbiosis betweenSinorhizobium meliloti and its host, Medicago sativa

Courses Regularly Taught

 General Microbiology, Genetics and Molecular Biology


Fields, A.T., Navarrete, C.S., Zare, A.Z., Huang, Z., Mostafavi, M., Lewis, J.C., Rezaeihaghighi, Y., Brezler, B.J., Ray, S.,* Rizzacasa, A.L.*, Barnett, M.J., Long, S.R., Chen, E.J., and Chen, J.C. (2012). The conserved polarity factor PodJ1 impacts multiple cell envelope-associated functions in Sinorhizobium meliloti . Mol. Microbiol., 84, 892-920. 


Chen, E. J., Fisher, R.F., Perovich, V.M.,* Sabio, E.A.,* and Long, S.R. (2009). Identification of direct transcriptional target genes of ExoS/ChvI two-component signaling in Sinorhizobium meliloti . J. Bacteriol., 191 , 6833-6842.


Chen, E.J., Sabio, E.A.,* and Long, S.R. (2008). The periplasmic regulator ExoR inhibits ExoS/ChvI two-component signalling in Sinorhizobium meliloti . Mol. Microbiol., 69 , 1290-1303.


Wells, D.H., Chen, E.J., Fisher, R.F., and Long, S.R. (2007). ExoR is genetically coupled to the ExoS-ChvI two-component system and located in the periplasm of Sinorhizobium meliloti. Mol Microbiol, 64 , 647-664.


Risinger, A.L., Cain, N.E., Chen, E.J., and Kaiser, C.A. (2006). Activity-dependent reversible inactivation of the general amino acid permease. Mol Biol Cell, 17, 4411-4419. 


* indicates student co-author