David Drath

Contact Information

Office: MH 236C

Phone: 657-278-7294

Email: ddrath@fullerton.edu


David Drath

Professor (not taking graduate students)


PhD, New York University

MS, New York University

BA, New York University

Research Areas

Immune response to infection, immunotherapy, tumor metastasis, neuroimmune communication, stress and immune dysfunction

Courses Regularly Taught

Elements of Biology, Immunology, Biology of Cancer


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Roughneen, P.T., Drath, D.B., Kulkarni, A.D., Kumar, S.C., Andrassy, R.J. and Rowlands, B.J. 1989, Inflammatory cell function in young rodents with experimental cholestasis: Investigations of functional deficits, their etiology, and their reversibility. J. Ped Surg., 24:668-673.


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Drath, D.B., Do, C., Burd, T., and Hong, L.L. 1994, Activation of a distinct subpopulation of pulmonary macrophages following exposure to biological response modifiers. Immunol. Invest. 23:115-127.


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