William J. Hoese

Contact Information

Office: MH 308

Phone: 657-278-2476

Email: bhoese@fullerton.edu

William J. Hoese

Professor & Director, Southern California Ecosystems Research Program



PhD, Duke University

MS, Stanford University

BA, Stanford University

Research Areas

Biology education, student learning, animal communication, functional morphology. 

Courses Regularly Taught

Elements of Biology, Evolution and Biodiversity, Professional Aspects of Biology: Teaching, Problems in Environmental Biology


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Tweedy, M.E.* and W. J. Hoese. (2005). An analysis of osmosis and diffusion activities in ten college lab manuals. Journal of Biological Education. 39(4):150-155. 


Hoese, W. J., J. Gibber, and B. Wood. (2002). Gender: In the genes or in the jeans? A case study on sexual differentiation. National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science.


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Winter, D., P Lemons, J. Bookman, and W. J. Hoese. (2001). Novice instructors and student- centered learning: Identifying and addressing obstacles to learning in the college science laboratory. Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 2(1):14-42.


Hoese, W. J. and S. Nowicki. (2001). Using “The Organism” as a conceptual focus in introductory biology. The American Biology Teacher . 63(3): 176-182. 


* indicates student co-author