Hope A. Johnson

Contact Information

Office: MH 111F

Phone: 657-278-4529

Email: hajohnson@fullerton.edu

Hope A. Johnson



PhD, Stanford University

MS, Stanford University

BS, Cornell University

Research Areas

Environmental microbiology, microbial metal oxidation and reduction, manganese, evolution of photosystem II, Cyanobacterial macromorphology, geomicrobiology, bioremediation, and water quality.

Courses Regularly Taught

Genetics and Molecular Biology, General Microbiology, Advances in Microbiology, Advanced Microbiology Lab


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Anderson, C.R., Johnson, H.A., Caputo, N., Davis, R.E., Torpey, J.W., and Tebo, B.M. Mn(II) oxidation is catalyzed by heme peroxidases in " Aurantimonas manganoxydans " strain SI85-9A1 and Erythrobacter sp. strain SD-21. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 75(12):4130-8. 2009.


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Johnson, H.A. and Tebo, B.M. In vitro studies indicate a quinone is involved in bacterial Mn(II) oxidation. Archives of Microbiology 189: 59-69. 2008.


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