Picture of Dr. Miyamoto

Contact Information

Office: DBH 114A

Phone: 657-278-2540

Email: almiyamoto@fullerton.edu

Alison Miyamoto

Associate Professor


PhD, Stanford University

BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Areas

Molecular mechanisms of Notch receptor signaling by typical and atypical ligands; developmental and cell biology of elastic fiber proteins

Courses Regularly Taught

Molecular and Cellular Biology, Developmental Biology, Advances in Cell Biology Lab, Stem Cell Biology, Biology of Cancer


LaFoya, B., Munroe, J.A., Miyamoto, A., Detwiler, M.A., Crow, J.J., Gazdik, T., and Albig, A.R. (2018) Beyond the Matrix: The Many Non-ECM Ligands for Integrins. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 19(2): 449.

Miyamoto, A., *Donovan, L.D., *Perez, E., *Connett, B., *Cervantes, R., *Lai, K., Withers, G., and *Hogrebe, G. (2014) Binding of MAGP2 to microfibrils is regulated by proprotein convertase cleavage. Matrix Biology, 40:27-33.

*Donovan, L.J., *Cha, S.E., *Yale, A.R., *Dreikorn, S., and Miyamoto, A. (2013) Identification of a functional proprotein convertase cleavage site in MAGP2. Matrix Biology, 32:117-22.

Nichols, J.T., Miyamoto, A. , Olsen, S.L., D’Souza, B., Yao, C., Weinmaster, G. (2007) DSL-ligand endocytosis physically dissociates Notch1 heterodimers prior to activating proteolysis.J. Cell Biol. 176 :445-458.

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Nichols, J.T., Miyamoto, A. , and Weinmaster, G. (2007) Notch: constantly on the move.Traffic 8 :959-69. 

Miyamoto, A. , *Lau, R., Hein, P.W., Shipley, J.M., Weinmaster, G. (2006) Microfibrillar proteins MAGP-1 and MAGP-2 induce Notch1 extracellular domain dissociation and receptor activation. J. Biol. Chem . 281 :10089-97.


*indicates student co-author