Veronica Jimenez Ortiz

Contact Information

Office: MH 307

Phone: 657-278-2477


Veronica Jimenez Ortiz

AssOCIatE Professor


Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Research Training Initiative for Student Enhancement (U-RISE) Program (2023-2028)


PhD, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile

MS, Juan Agustin Maza University, Mendoza, Argentina

BS, Juan Agustin Maza University, Mendoza, Argentina

Research Areas

Parasitic infections, role of ion channels in sensing and adaptation to environmental conditions in protozoan parasites; mechanosensation; electrophysiology.

Courses Regularly Taught

BIOL 462 General Parasitology, BIOL 362 Mammalian Physiology, BIOL 417 Advances in Cell Biology, BIOL 303 Intermediate Cell Biology


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