what is you@fullerton?

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YOU@Fullerton is a virtual, confidential wellness platform designed to help students threefold: 1) to succeed, 2) to thrive, and 3) to matter. Through articles, videos, and CSUF resources, students will enhance their personal health, physical wellness and mental health. Set goals, identify new ways to cope and adapt, and take care of YOU!


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Q: What types of resources are found on YOU@Fullerton? 

A: When you log in to YOU, the portal will suggest evidence-based articles, videos, and CSUF specific departments and resources. Some of these suggested resources may be relevant to current events or trends of the semester. You can also search for specific content based on three categories:  

Succeed – which is related to academic and career development 

Thrive – which is related to physical and mental health 

Matter – which is related to mindfulness and community building 


Q: What are the benefits of using YOU@Fullerton? 

A: Since it is an online tool, you are able to access YOU@Fullerton with your laptop or mobile device, at a time that is convenient for YOU. This tool is designed to enhance your overall wellbeing during your time at CSUF. You can explore resources about physical and mental health, take self-assessments, and set goals. YOU@Fullerton provides an opportunity to reflect on your strengths and areas for improvement, so that you can succeed, thrive, and matter at CSUF. 


Q: What are Reality Checks? 

A: “Reality Checks” are quizzes that you can take that measure your skills in the areas of Succeed, Thrive, and Matter. These areas are related to academics, health, and community. Once you answer the series of questions in a Reality Check, you can view your results and note strengths and areas that need improvement. YOU@Fullerton will also offer suggestions for resources related to your results. 


Q: Can I retake Reality Checks? 

A: Yes! As time passes, you may achieve your personal goals or encounter a significant obstacle. You have the option to retake Reality Checks to assess your overall wellbeing at any particular time. 


Q: How can I track my goals? 

A: At the top of the YOU@Fullerton portal, you are able to select “Goals” to create goals for the semester. You can select goals related to Succeed, Thrive, or Matter. Each of these categories will have subcategories to narrow down your goals. Once you have selected your subcategory, you can either select a goal from the list of options available, or create your own goal. You can specify your deadline and the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.  

As you complete each step, mark it complete! Your goals will be at the front of the YOU@Fullerton portal. 


Q: Are my responses anonymous? 

A: Yes! All activities on YOU@Fullerton are anonymous to protect privacy. 


Q: As a faculty member, how can I promote YOU@Fullerton to my students? 

A: There are many ways that you can share this valuable resource with your students. We encourage you to include the link in your email signature; share this information as an announcement in Titanium; and include this information in your syllabus. 

Additionally, faculty have access to with their CSUF credentials. We hope that you will explore the site to familiarize yourself with the resources on the portal.


Q: Is my data being monetized?

A: Never! Data collected through the YOU platform is encrypted to protect your identity, and is only used to enable secure access and personalize your resources. No YOU@Fullerton information is ever sold to any outside third party.


Q: How is content vetted before it is published on the website?

A: Content is curated and vetted by YOU behavioral health experts, and must meet certain standards, like being free/no cost, with a quality evidence-based/supported original source. YOU proprietary content is created by our professional staff and student interns, in tandem with the YOU clinical psychologist to ensure tips and resources meet these same standards. All campus resources are provided by CSU Fullerton.


Q: Who can I contact with questions? 

A: If you have any questions, you can email