Preventive Education & Events


Empowering CSUF students to engage in maintaining their mental health
through outreach, education, programming, and connection.

CSUF student is calm and relaxing with doggy therapy.

Mental Wellness Peer Educators (MWPEs)

Our team of hired student assistants are trained to educate their peers on mental health topics. MWPEs provide valuable ideas of how to promote wellness topics with the campus in an engaging and meaningful way.


Animal-Assisted Therapy

One of our most popular events is "Doggy Therapy". Animals have a special way of offering comfort, joy, and relaxation is a manner that is approachable and unique. During these events, students gather around calm and loveable canines through the use of animal-assisted therapy as provided by the Pet Prescription TeamOpens in new window . Not only have we found that students enjoy the companionship of the dogs, these events facilitate the opportunity for students to engage with their peers as well as the dog handlers who are dedicated to enhancing the human-animal bond and connection.


Educational Events

Our on-campus outreach and events are designed to make mental health topics fun and approachable. Inviting us to table or present at your on-campus events is a meaningful way to incorporate mental health topics into your programming. If you are interested in hosting us or co-hosting an event, please fill out our Outreach Request FormPDF File Opens in new window .


Digital Marketing

In this era, it is imperative that we meet our students where they are at. Therefore, digital marketing is a key pillar of our Preventive Education efforts.


Mental Health Ally Program

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) is excited to launch the Mental Health Ally Training Program this Fall semester. The 2-hour program is designed to explore how to become an informed mental health ally, review what mental health looks like, and identify specific strategies regarding how to become a mental health ally. Programs will be featured virtually and in person. We look forward to your allyship!



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