Program Aims

We work to facilitate the development of psychologists who can practice competently and independently in several domains.  Our program emphasizes strengthening skills in areas that are typical of university counseling center psychologists.  We strive to train generalists who are adept in providing competent and effective psychotherapy, assessment, and crisis intervention for diverse populations and communities within a brief model.  We support and encourage the ongoing process of professional development, recognizing the significance of self-awareness and productive self-reflection throughout this process.  Ultimately, we strive to train interns who will subsequently enter the field as competent, ethical, and compassionate professionals.  The specific program aims are as follows:

  1. To foster the professional development, identity, and values necessary for effective and ethical practice as a psychologist.
  2. To develop the skills and competencies necessary for entry-level professional practice with diverse populations, with an emphasis on the development of professional skills.