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On-Campus Recruiting at CSUF

On-Campus Recruiting at CSUF is a convenient and cost-effective way for employers to select and interview candidates for full-time career employment or career-related paid internship opportunities. Company information, job descriptions, resume submissions and interview schedules are all managed through our Online Employer Services program. Interviews are conducted in one of the Career Center’s five complimentary interview rooms.

Employer Guidelines

Please log-in to an existing account or register for a new account, to request On-Campus Interviews (OCI) services. You may also call Joanna Liu at (657) 278-2035 to find out about interviewing date availability or to get more information.

Spring 2014 On-Campus Interview Dates

Reservations open Moday, December 9, 2013 and should be made as soon as possible prior to the beginning of the session.

General Session

Interview dates for companies recruiting any entry-level college graduate positions or career related paid interships will be held 3/13/14-5/2/14

Room Reservation Only services also available: 3/3/14 – 5/2/14

Deadline to request a schedule is 3/1/14

Posting Your Position

Posting a job opening for On-Campus Recruiting is a two-step process. First, request an interview date online. Once your date is approved and you receive an email confirming your reservation, log back in and post your OCR position(s). Company information, job descriptions, resume submissions, and interview schedules are all managed through our Online Employer Services program.

We recommend that you make your qualification requirements as broad as possible so that otherwise excellent candidates are not excluded from applying. Strict restrictions on major, GPA, and graduation date will limit your applicant pool. For assistance posting your OCR posting, you may also call Joanna Liu at (657) 278-2035 for help with posting your position.

OCI Model

  • Preselect: Allows the employer to view resumes prior to the campus visit and invite selected students to participate in the on-campus interview.
  • Preselect to Alternate: Allows the employer to view resumes prior to the campus visit and make primary (preselect) and secondary selections (alternate). Preselected students will sign up for an interview time slot first. After preselect sign up has closed alternate candidates will then have the opportunity to select a time slot. This type of selection process will almost ensure a full schedule.
  • Open: The open schedule allows qualified candidates to sign up for the interview on a first-come, first-serve basis and does not allow the employer to prescreen.
  • Room Reservation Only: Can only be used in conjunction with one of the schedule types above.

Changes in Interview Schedules

Once you have invited students to interview, they will sign up for one of the open time slots that you have made available. Occasionally, there will be gaps in your interview schedule. Please understand that students have selected their time slot around their other academic and work commitments and often find it difficult to reschedule at the last minute. Our recommended best practice is to use the free time to meet with career center staff, get to know the CSUF campus, or work on pressing projects. Wireless internet access is available.

Identifying Candidates for Your Job Opening

If you requested Resume Book access, we encourage you to identify candidates directly using the Resume Book in your Online Employer Services program, email candidates directly and invite them to apply for your opening.

If you do not have Resume Book access, and would like to add this service, please send an email with your request to:

We also encourage you to contact a Career Center Industry Specialist in the area you are recruiting for expert advice and assistance in posting and promoting your opening. Visit our Industry Specialist page for more information.

No Lobby Representatives/"Greeters"

Please do not bring greeters who are assigned to meet and pre-interview students in the lobby, which are not permitted due to space limitations. The use of one person to handle applicant paperwork is permitted as long as this practice does not interfere with Career Center operations.

"Room Reservation Only" Option

Our Room Reservation Only option is useful for event participants interested in post-Career Event interviews, and for recruiters who prefer to take an active approach in filling their schedule. First, request a room reservation date online. Once your date is approved, post a non-OCR job inviting students to apply for your position. As students submit their resumes, via the non-OCR job posting or when you meet them at a career event, you may schedule an interview for the day of the room reservation. Please submit your completed schedule 24 hours in advance to Joanna Liu at, so that we can answer student questions, should they call us for information. 


If it is necessary to cancel an interview reservation, please do so prior to the time that students schedule their interviews. If you must cancel once you have scheduled interviews, you must contact the students directly as well as contact our office.


On Campus Recruiting is open to employers with actual entry-level full-time positions and career-related paid internships. Campus interviewing is not available to employers with commission only or draw against salary positions. Career Center facilities are to be used solely to speak with students and alumni from Cal State Fullerton or individuals eligible for Cal State Fullerton Career Center services.